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To master the functional programming concept and understand its benefits. A junior developer can earn upto $100,000 per year whereas a developer with a bit of experience and additional skills can earn up to $127,500. A developer in a more senior position can earn up to $190,000 annually.

kotlin developer skills

The interview can be finished with a couple of quick practical tasks that would help assess the developer’s practical coding skills. Also, check our article for more insights on how to hire the right developer for your app. Analytical skills help developers detect patterns, interpret data, and choose the best solution based on many factors.

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We at Surf have 12 years of experience developing mobile apps using both native and cross-platform technologies. In the article, we’ll review the roles and responsibilities of Kotlin developers in a mobile app project, what expertise is required from such specialists and ways to hire them. Google becomes Kotlin-oriented for android app development and that has made all the difference in the growth of Kotlin. After Google has declared Kotlin a preferred language, the growth of this language has skyrocketed. In addition to that, it has a strong community that consistently making efforts to make it one of the top programming languages.

Kotlin Basics presents 10 real-world projects of different proficiency levels, over 120 educational topics, and more than 300 coding challenges! It also allows you to use all the powerful features of JetBrains Academy platform while learning Kotlin. For instance, a personalized study plan divided into several stages of increasing complexity will help you gradually expand your knowledge in Kotlin without getting overwhelmed. If you already have a grasp of Kotlin and want to build on your skills, we have something for you, too. Thanks to our learners’ feedback and input, the Kotlin Developer track has just graduated from Beta! Take advantage of this subscription track to challenge yourself with more advanced projects and gain more in-depth knowledge of Kotlin.

Like Java, the Kotlin source code is first converted to bytecode and executed on a Java Virtual Machine , independent of an external environment or an external operating system. JVM is the virtual machine that enables the operating system to run programs written in Java or another compatible programming language whose code is compiled in Java bytecode. Using Kotlin, plan, develop, construct, and release an end-to-end Android mobile app. To improve the developer experience, find and integrate new technologies.

However, the developers have to closely work with the designer and database administrators. Now, if you are ready to move forward with your endeavor of learning it, the next buzz is to start learning IDEs so that you can conveniently start with real-time app development. The app development language is a beginner-friendly language, and beginners find it easy to start learning by themselves.

Another excellent Udemy course to learn Kotlin is Kotlin for Beginners, which teaches more advanced programming language concepts to beginners. If you are familiar with Java, you will benefit significantly from this Kotlin course that teaches variables and nullable types, loops, object orientation, and conditionals. Have the skills and understanding of Kotlin to confidently apply for Kotlin programming jobs. Have a fundamental understanding of the Kotlin programming language. They are gurus in their field with an impressive amount of experience they are eager to share with you. From in-depth knowledge to hands-on experience, our trainers will teach you how to step up your game and do a better job!

  • Such companies specialize in app development and handle organizational matters, meaning you won’t need to set up the development process from scratch.
  • Browse through our software development success stories with tangible results.
  • In addition, he has been heavily involved in game development and frameworks used to create games.
  • Then we advise you to first take ourKotlin Professional Developer course.
  • You can expect to pay $36.58 per hour on average when hiring a Kotlin freelancer.
  • Google, Trello, FourSquare, Netflix, Pinterest are some of the well-known companies using Kotlin.

You will get to know the other traits required to develop while working with a team. Understand requirements and translate designs and wireframes into code for android app development. Kotlin has become one of the top programming languages with the fastest-growing communities across the world. Android developers can easily switch to Kotlin with a little learning curve.

Finding developers through such platforms as Fiverr or Upwork is a popular option for mobile app development. However, it can be hard to assess the real skill level of a freelancer, which increases risks of having code of poor quality. Also, Because freelancers are often engaged in multiple projects, there is always a risk that they can be poorly involved in your project or even abandon it in the middle of development. To ensure that you’re hiring highly-motivated professionals, carefully review portfolios of potential candidates before making a decision. If you think about creating a native Android app for your business, you’ll likely need to hire Kotlin developers as a part of your team.

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This online learning material is available for lifetime and is updated regularly. You can also get the hardcopy for this material, so, you can prefer either way in which you are comfortable. When you empathize with your team or clients, you fully understand their problems and are in a better position to assist them in overcoming their challenges. Empathy also makes it easier to communicate better with other developers and not appear arrogant when you dismiss or counter their suggestions.

They should be familiar with null safety and the Java Virtual Machine . The above list includes non-technical, technical, and general skills that are a must-have to start your android developer career. Kotlin is a cross-platform, modern, concise, and general-purpose programming language designed to fully interoperate with Java. It is focused on safety, interoperability, great tooling support, and clarity.

kotlin developer skills

Such companies specialize in app development and handle organizational matters, meaning you won’t need to set up the development process from scratch. Along with developers, our team includes specialists to handle all other stages of project development, such as designers, analytics and QA. We also supply every project with comprehensive documentation, so that it can be easily handed to an in-house team for further maintenance.

Kotlin Developer Requirements & Skills

Also, don’t interrupt a teammate or anyone when they are speaking. Anyone wanting to brush up on their skills and learn with the latest version of Kotlin. Existing programmers who know Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, or other languages who want to become skilled in Kotlin. This course is perfect for absolute beginners with no previous programming experience. He is a fully certified Java Developer have a lot of experience with Java, Kotlin, JPA, Java Enterprise Edition, Spring, Spring Boot, Maven, Gradle, and JavaFX.

kotlin developer skills

If you know Python or Java then it is an added advantage to learn it quickly. Responsibilities of a Kotlin DeveloperDevelopers conduct software analysis and troubleshoot apps and software that use Kotlin. They are required to manage application development and support the continuous improvement of it by investigating and suggesting technologies. The skills listed above are non-technical, technical, and general and are required to begin your android development career. Experience in the architecture, flow, design, development, and release of mobile apps.

Become a Kotlin Developer able to create professional programs. Dramatically increase your career options.

From his days at BITS-Pilani, he has always dreamt about beating AplhaZero at chess. Our tech experts collated the Kotlin resources listed in this developer toolkit at Talent500. We are a platform for developers to find the best remote work opportunities.

Kotlin programmers create programs using the Kotlin programming language. Android apps are the most common, but they are not the only ones. They will be required to correct defects in current code and test new code before it is made public, in addition to programming, continuous development, and optimization.


Plan, develop, and ship new features in collaboration with team members. Unit testing ensures your code is bug-free, dependable, and provides the greatest user experience possible. When it’s time to hire a Kotlin developer, there are a few things to keep in mind. Browse through our software development success stories with tangible results. Today we’ll close off the last day of Hour of Code with 2 topics – data science and machine learning. To find out how else you can benefit from learning Kotlin, check out Why Learn Kotlin from the Kotlin team.

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We are searching for a Kotlin Developer with a strong desire to push mobile technologies to their utmost. This Kotlin developer will collaborate with our outstanding engineering team to design and construct the next generation of our mobile apps. Android development collaborates closely with other app development and technical teams. Kotlin is now the recommended language for developing Android mobile apps, according to Google. Over 70% of the top 1000 apps on the Google Play Store are considered to use it. Many app developers use Kotlin because it has better code safety features and allows developers to accomplish more with fewer lines of code.

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Excellent time management abilities, as well as the ability to work autonomously. GitHub, for example, requires knowledge of version control systems and tools. To connect the app with backend services, you should be familiar with RESTful APIs and XML. Assist in the maintenance of code quality, reusability, and ongoing code evaluation. It also relies on the project you’re working on and the talents you’ll need to finish it.

Peter Sommerhoff created an excellent free Kotlin course covering a wide range of topics. The majority of Kotlin developer salaries currently range between $113,000 to $147,000 with top earners making $158,000 annually kotlin developer job across the US. Evolve business models, embrace innovation, improve the bottom line with industry-leading solutions. Hire highly-skilled on-demand teams to build sustainable, secure, and strategic digital solutions.